Know How Vastu Works ?

Before applying any concept,it is very important to know the basic principles of subject. Always follow system by knowing logic but not myths. VASTU is very logical system. Principles of Vastu are based upon the movements of our planet Earth. While staying at this planet, and developing any structure, it is very important to follow the Gravitational Force and movements of the planet.


There are three types of movements of our planet.., on axis, around sun and diagonal movement and all these movement matters. This is the reason directions, dimensions are considered while applying the subject. Consideration of Directions, Dimensions and volumes of structure where we staying at the planet is called VASTU and these factors are related to movement and gravitational forces of the planet is meant for success of individuals.


We know light, air, rain are common and equal for all then why not SUCCESS, it is all due to doing violations with Stream flow of Natural energy. VASTU enables us to develop harmony with natural flow of energies while staying in any structure accordance with movements and gravitational forces of the planet. Once we start developing harmony with nature, there will be Prosperity and Joy which nature meant for.


SUCCESSMAKERZ INC. is a top international Vastu Consultancy Group and Training Institute deeply engaged in Research Study and Practice. It is managed by Vastu/Crystal/Holistic Healer PARAMJIT SINGH.

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