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A House is a very important place for all day to day activities in Human Life. Most people believes, that if changes are made even for one room in the house, it will bring prosperity and happiness. But in fact it is not true, VASTU SHASTRA applies to the whole. Only this will bring happiness & prosperity fruitfully.


We understand that the various energy fields are intersecting and interacting with each other at any place on the earth. This is applicable to our small plot also. The cosmic energies are geo-energies, magnetic energy, and several others. There are exaltation and debilitation for each direction mentioned in vastu shastra. The exaltation and debilitation depend on the paths of solar energy and the magnetic energy of the planet earth.

The northeast serves as the positive pole ( + ) and southwest as the negative pole ( - ) of the earth’s magnetism. Therefore, we should construct a building in such a way that the northeast sides has more wide openings and south west sides have less or small openings only. The vaastu shastra says the north east corner as Exalted and south west corner as debilitated ones. The side through which the energy travels is called as exalted direction. The receiving side or opposite side to the energy path is called as debilitated side.


The Divine idea behind this is to get the positive energy to the maximum and to store the same as far as possible. This will serve as a positive force for the development. We know AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH AND SPACE are the FIVE ELEMENTS which control our life. The change of the magnetic energy will automatically change the functions of the five elements and our mental attitude, emotions, way of living etc., will be changed accordingly.  


If we open the positive sides by means of windows, doors etc., and close the Negative sides by providing small openings, we could receive and keep the energies within our building for a longer period. These openings facilitate the presence of various positive energies always in the house. We can easily get success in our business and trade and have a happy family etc. We will have a happy mood when we are entering our house itself. It is otherwise, there will be quarrels, family problems worries, etc., inside the house. One will be reluctant or have aversion to enter his own house.


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